We get asked many times about Gap Insurance, and one of the more popular questions asked is regarding which type of vehicles can you get Gap Insurance for? It used to be the case, that the car was the only form of transport that Gap Insurance was available for, however, in the last few years things have changed somewhat.

Gap Insurance for…..

Vehicles for Gap Insurance

Which vehicles for Gap Insurance?

Well lets start where we know, cars. Gap Insurance has been around for many years for cars. Originally with standard Finance Gap, to cover outstanding settlements on lease agreements. In recent years, return to invoice and vehicle replacement have joined the fold, giving customers a huge choice. Also, a huge range of manufacturers can be covered for gap cover too, even the likes of Ferarri and Rolls Royce, if you have one parked on the path!

MotorbikesGap Insurance for Motorbikes is now available throughout the UK. Motorbikes are often seen as a higher risk for insurance, but if you look in the right places then finding value for money is now too challenging.

Vans – LCV’s are the lifeblood of many companies in the UK. As such, it is great news that gap insurance is available in all forms for Van owners in the UK.

Motorhomes – Traditionally high priced tiscket items, Motorhome owners can now protect there investment with Gap Insurance.

Driving School Vehicles – Learner drivers have accidents too you know! Again, a business vehicle that can be protected with Gap Insurance.

Private Hire Taxi’s – Harder to find, but if you look in the right spots then you can get cover for these high risk, and high depreciating vehicles. 

Black cabs – Getting tricker now, but try GapInsurance123, who’s full range of policies are available for Black Cabs.  

Heavy Goods Vehilces – Again, there are a few specialist brokers who can offer this.

Plant and Machinery – possibly a lower risk item, but again Gap Insurance can be found.

Gap Insurance is no ‘one trick pony’

Remember, there are many different types of Gap Insurance, find out what they can do, and then the choice of gap insurance may be easier for your vehicle.

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