You may be aware that we have championed the cause of Vehicle Replacement Insurance to our blog visitors. This little known style of Gap Insurance suffers from a lack of exposure, as many main dealers simply do not offer it.

A customer coming into contact with Gap Insurance for the first time, could be forgiven for thinking that RTI Gap Insurance is the most comprehensive cover available. However, in our humble opinion, it simply is not.

Why Vehicle Replacement Insurance? 

The simple difference between RTI and VRI Gap Insurance is this:

Return to Invoice covers what you pay today, Vehicle Replacement Insurance covers what you may have to pay in the future.

It is generally the case that the vehicle you buy today will cost more to replace in the future. Factors such as inflation, manufacturers costs and even increase in registration and road tax, means that the prices of vehicles do rise in time. Many of todays popular models are around 20% higher to buy in 2011 than they were in 2007.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance can cover this increase, whereas Return to Invoice cannot.

So the advantag

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

Protect yourself with Vehicle Replacement Insurance with a difference

e of VRI Gap Insurance is clear in this respect. However, there is one aspect that you should be aware of.

If you take a Vehicle Replacement Insurance policy, and you make a claim, the majority of VRI policies will require a nominated dealer to be paid the funds. They then will supply the equivalent vehicle as a replacement.

This may be fine if you are happy with the same vehicle again, but would you like to have the choice of something different?

Vehicle Replacement Insurance with a difference

We are aware of one source of Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance that pays YOU the funds required to replace the vehicle, leaving you with a choice. If you wish, you can buy exactly the same vehicle again, however if you did want the freedom to choose a different vehicle, then you can spend the settlement as you wish. If this appeals to you, then try for your Vehicle Replacement Insurance quote.


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