We have covered the subject of Motorhome Gap Insurance before on GapInsuranceTV, . We undertstand that a Motorhome can be a ‘high ticket price’ item, and therefore represent a significant investment for its owner. Like any vehicle, a motorhome can lose value over time, and like any other vehicle can be subject to an accident or being stolen.

Therefore the basic need for Gap Insurance is the same as with any other vehicle, if you as the owner think protecting your investment is wise.

Where is Motorhome Gap Insurance to be found? 

As we have previously covered, Gap Insurance for your Motorhome can be a tricky cover to find. Because Motorhome dealers only sell a small number of vehicles a year, the costs of being regulated to sell motorhome gap insurance can be prohibitive. Many dealers simply avoid the implications and do not offer it at all. The motorhome dealers who do will only offer a small level of business to the Gap Insurance providers, meaning the supply price they get offered is not always competitive. Consequently, the premium price they can offer their customers is equally as uncompetitive.

However, over the last few years a number of specialist Gap Insurance brokers have provided a much needed answer to the problem. Whilst some do not offer cover for motorhomes at all, some do offer a specialist Motorhome Gap Insuranceproduct, usually restricted to a simple Return to Invoice cover. This can give invaluable cover for the initial, investment you have made.

Motorhome Gap Insurance

Motorhome Gap Insurance is easier to find than you might think

However, some of the larger Gap Insurance brokers can offer a full range of cover for your motorhome, including Finance Gap Insurance, Return to Invoice, Vehicle Replacement Insurance and even Agreed Value Gap Insurance. That is quite an array and is sure to present a suitable level of cover.

Where to find Motorhome Gap Insurance?

As mentioned, the larger, specialist Gap Insurance brokers are the best bet for a competitive and suitable quote. The likes of EasyGap.co.uk can offer Motorhome Gap Insurance policies over interest free instalments, and GapInsurance123.co.uk offers 4 different types, with no increase in premium from a car in comparison. Motorhome Gap Insurance is easier to find than you might think!


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