When we first wrote an article on Motorbike Gap Insurance back in February 2011, we highlighted several reasons why owners of Motorbikes may consider Gap Insurance as an extra ‘peace of mind’ protection.

We highlighted the issues for motorbike gap insurance, and especially the fact that it is so much harder to find than for a car. Have things changed in 2012?

Motorbike Gap Insurance in 2012

Has sourcing of Motorbike Gap Insurance got easier in 2012? In our opinion yes, if you look in the right places!

The biggest issue as before is finding the choices in Motorbike Gap Insurance. The larger insurers can still provide a full range of Motorbike Gap Insurance products, even for these ‘higher risk’ vehicles. However, it remains the case that smaller, less specialised insurers may only offer a very basic ‘Return to Invoice’, or no gap insurance at all for motorbikes.

However, the larger insurers are able to absorb the higher risk represented by a motorbike, across all the gap policie they underwrite. This means that you can find Finance Gap Insurance, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your motorbike, all at the same premium price as you would for a car.

Changes in Motorbike Gap Insurance in 2012 

There is little doubt that Motorbike Gap Insurance tends to be as seasonal in its purchase patterns as does the purchase of Motorbikes. It is fair to say it is most certainly a Summer event!

New Motorbike purchases made in the summer of 2012 will find new offerings for Motorbike Gap Insurance in the marketplace. The most notable addition is the ability to purchase Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Insurance for your motorbike for up to 5 years! This means that if you intend you ownership for an extended period, you can now fully protect yourself for a full 5 year term.

So all in all, finding Motorbike Gap Insurancein 2

Motorbike Gap Insurance in 2012

Where to find Motorbike Gap Insurance as a higher risk

012 should be far easier, especially if you saty tuned in to GapInsuranceTV! More on Motorbike Gap Insurance when the sun comes out!

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