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Where to find Gap Insurance for your Motorhome

A motorhome tends to be an expensive purchase and therefore Motorhome Gap Insurance is a consideration of course. Those who purchase them can spend years saving to buy themselves there dream vehicle. It makes sense that many will look into gap insurance for their new pride and joy, as they can require a sizeable outlay.

Prtoblems with Motorhome Gap Insurance

However, there is a problem. Motorhome Gap Insurance  has been notorioulsy difficult to source. You can find it for a car easily, either from your dealer or online. Many Motorhome dealers do not offer Motorhome Gap Insurance as it envolves costly regulatory issues which may not be justified for low volume sales.

Motorhome Gap Insurance can be sourced online from a select few providers, however, they often are specialist cover, and mean increased premiums when compared to the equivalent claim limit for a car.

Where to find Motorhome Gap Insurance

However, AM Trust Europe Ltd provide for motorhome gap insurance on a number of their ‘standard’ policies, allowing for example, vehicles over 3,500kg gross weight if they are a motorhome. There are other ‘exclusions’ you should be aware of, no imports, no custom builds (stands to reason, how would you value it?), etc. However, vehicles built for the UK market seem to be fine, of course read through the terms to be sure.

Unlike other vehicles, motorhomes require unique consideration for gap insurance. They tend to ‘devalue’ at a slower rate than other vehicles. Also, finding an equivalent vehicle for VRI Gap Insurance can be problematic. Therefore, the RTI Gap Insurance style is hugely popular for Motorhome Gap Insurance purposes.

Online brokers such as can provide you with this Gap Insurance for your motorhome, with policies from AM Trust Europe. Visit their site or give them a ring on 0800 195 4926. Finding Motorhome Gap Insurance has never been easier!

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