The Gap Insurance  market has never been as buoyant as it is now. Both motor dealers and independent Gap Insurance brokers are providing UK consumers with valuable protection against financial loss if their new vehicle is ‘written off’

Buy Gap Insurance?

Remember, car accidents and vehicle theft is a sad fact of life these days. Indeed, it is also a reality that you are likely to suffer a form of financial loss even if you have fully comprehensive motor insurance. A form of Gap Insurance, if carefully selected to suit your particular need, can provide valuable protection and peace of mind should disaster strike.

So if you have bought a new car in Liverpool, London, Leeds or any other part of the country, there is a chance you will join the 600,000 vehicle owners every year who have their vehicle ‘written off’ by their motor insurers. As ‘fully comprehensive’ as your insurance may be, it is often the case that you will on get back the market value of the vehicle at the time of the ‘write off’. This may be short of the original sum you invested in the vehicle, and also well short of the cost of replacing it. You may even have outstanding finance or a lease settlement which is not covered by your motor insurance policy.

New Car Gap Insurance

Buy Gap Insurance for your new car?

There are a range of Gap Insurance policies that could help protect you. Whether it be Finance Gap Insurance, Contract Hire Gap, Return to Invoice Gap or Vehicle Replacement, there are options for you to select to meet your requirements.

Buying Gap Insurance

The choice of how you can buy gap protection has never been greater either. The traditional route of the motor dealer has now been joined by a range of Gap Insurance brokers online. Some of these brokers can offer a wide range of specialist Gap Insurance cover direct.


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