There are thousands of new contract hire vehicles hitting the roads this March. Many compnaies are looking to new ’12’ plate vehicles to swell their company fleet. Gap Insurance brokers are often a good indicator as to who is doing the best contract hire deals, as they speak to a range of customers who are setting up contract hire gap insurance for their lease vehicles.

Best Contract Hire deals?

There are a range of huge leasing companies in the UK, offering thousands of deals on contract hire lease vehicles. Contract Hire payments are often relaint on how strong the rsidual value is on the vehicle at the end of the agreement. This is why you will often see a Mercedes or an Audi with a lower contract hire payment than a Ford or a Vauxhall.

However, what vehicles have been the best selling lease vehicles so far in March? Well it is fair to say that the usual suspects already mentioned are up near the top. The Mercedes C Class is always a strong contender with great monthly rentals obtainable from a range of leasing companies.

Contract Hire Gap Insurance

Best Contract Hire deals thsi March?

Vans and LCV’s are again always a strong contender for the best deals for lease vehicles also. Few companies will buy a van when they can simply lease it for a simple monthly rental.

One particular manufacturer continues to excel in the sales figures, despite difficult economic time. Nissan have a strong range of practical vehicles, both in the private and commercial market.

Models such as the Qashqai and the Juke are becoming ever more popular with leasing customers. They provide a reliable vehicle, which is both fun and practical, and the added bonus is that the strong residuals mean that they offer great value monthly rentals.

More Contract Hire deals?

It is fair to say that there is still a way to go this month, and with a backlog of deliveries for some manufacturers the picture may change. The early plaudits have to go to Nissan though, they certainly are making waves with the contract hire deals this March!

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