You may think that we are just concerned about Gap Insurance on this site…….and you would be right! However, do you know just how many types of insurance you may be offered when you buy a vehicle?

So if you buy a brand new vehicle this March, what may you be offered?

Car Gap Insurance

Lets start at the beginning, and yes we assume that your motor dealer will offer you car gap insurance of some kind. More than likely this will be finance gap insurance, or return to invoice gap insurance. You can also find contract hire gap insurance and vehicle replacement insurance as alternatives too.

Motor Insurance – this is obvious as it is a legal requirement to have motor insurance in the UK today. Could be in the form of fully comprehensive or third party, but you muct have it. Good places to check are insurance comparison sites such as Go Compare and

Car Warranty – this is commonly an insurance backed product, although not always the caee. It can come in the form of a guarantee, whereby it is not backed by an insurance company, but this is rare.

Paint and Fabric Protection – AutoGlym Lifeshine, Supagard, Gard X and Diamondbrite are all examples of Paint and Fabric protection you may be offered by your motor dealer. Often these are insurance backed items. Importantly, they are often not covered by a car gap insurance policy, however, some companies will cover it.

Tyre Insurance – you can cover accidental damage to your tyres with this type of cover. When a new tyre could be £250+ to replace, this can be a great option to have.

SMART Cover – Dent and Scratch cover for you vehicle. If you suffer accidental damage to you vehicle, that can be repaired without bodyshopvisits, then you can cover this with a SMART Insurance policy.

Not Just Gap Insurance

Not just Gap Insurance from your motor dealer

Misfuelling Insurance – Ever put the wrong type of fuel in your car? You can get a type of insurance to cover the drainage and repair costs of any damage caused.

Key Insurance – ever lost you car keys? This type of insurance can cover the costs of replacement and locksmith charges.

So not just Car Gap Insurance?

This list is not all you may come across, but gives you some idea as to the choices you may be given, however the same principle applies with these types of insurance as it does with gap insurance, do not assume the price given by the dealer is the only price you can get. Have a look around online and you can nearly always find a better deal, not just on Gap Insurance!

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