Its not all just about Gap Insurance at GapInsuranceTV (Ok most of it is!), but having a keen interest in the motor industry we always keep an eye on what is being reported on the internet.

Despite the general ‘gloom and doom’ reported around the world, and locally in the UK, there remain a few good news stories in the motor industry today.

Gap Insurance and the motor industry

As motor dealers still suffer under the strain of the prolonged economic downturn, there are some rays of light poking through.

The long standing Icon of the motor industry, the VW Golf is having its seventh incarnation launched in 2012. It is scheduled to have its first public outing at the Paris Motor Show this year. Sonce its introduction in 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has sold an amazing amount of units, fast approaching 30 million. The mark 7 promises not to buck that trend.

With the likes of Volkswagen having such a stable range of models, you may expect thta this can help the brand prosper even in difficult times.

However, would you have expected a model such as the Range Rover Evoque to have ahd such an impact? The model has been so well received by consumers and the motoring press, even a backlog of orders cannot dampen the delight on delivery day.

Gap Insurance and Motoring news

Gap Insurance, car insurance and motoring news from around the web

The unlikely combination of an Indian company and a Mersyside workforce have produced the true ‘suprise package’ in 2012, with numerous awards being taken by the new model.

Car Insurance and Gap Insurance?

We have been asked by several site users why car insurance an gap insurance policies are ‘rated’ differently. If you are a young driver of a sports car, on a contract hire lease, in an inner city area, you will no doubt be only too actutely aware of how expensive car insurance can be. Yet if you have a gap insurance policy on the vehicle, then it does not matter your age, your location or even the vehicle type under modt circumstances.

Why is this? This article expands more on the difference between car insurance and gap insurance.

So there you go, our weekly round up of car and gap insurance news from around the internet.

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