The sun has finally come out, and it is at this time of year that many of us start to look forward to our summer holiday abroad. Now this can consit of us flying to some sun drenched destination, leaving the day to day grind behind.

However, many people will take their car, motorhome or motorbike on a road trip abroad, and there are different considerations for this, one of which being your Gap Insurance policy.

Gap Insurance abroad

If you get a vehicle and plan to use it abroad, then I am sure you will have checked that your motor insurance will cover you for foreign travel. However, did you check that your Gap Insurance policy does too?

Do not assume that the second policy will follow suit, as some will preclude foreign use, and some will have only short periods allowed.

Gap Insurance abroad

Does your Gap Insurance cover you abroad?

It is usual for your motor insurance to allow travel in EEU countries, and countries covered by an International Green Card for Insurance. Many Gap Insurance polciies will do the same, although you may be restricted to a trip of 60 days only.

Always best to check the polciy before you buy it, if you intend to use the vehicle for holidays and trips, and if it has any limits on the time out of the country. Some policies will allow for unlimited time abroad, providing your motor insurance cover you too. If you have a motorhome and want to spend the summer travelling the continent, then it may be best to look for one of these.

Gap Insurance in the UK

Of course your Gap Insurance policy should be fine for use in the UK, the Channel Islands etc, but again, always best to check the terms and conditions.

Gap Insurance can protect you just as much as Factor 50 on holiday!



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