The motor industry has changed over the years, and in most cases for the better. In car showrooms you would find that the month of August was the ‘be all and end all’, as it was the only month of the year that the new registration plates were launched. August the 1st often saw car salesman working from dawn until dusk to get all the deliveries out to the new owners.

August 1st used to be Christmas Day

Then in the late 1990’s the whole system changed. Instead of the mad rush in August, we had two new plate change days, March 1st and September 1st. This was designed to even out the financial landscape of the motor industry, to aide both production and retailers alike.

The effect it had on the singular month of August was quite profound. As it became the month before a plate change it went from the most popular retail registration month to the least popular. Traditional habits had to change, and dealers saw this month as being used to build up orders for the September rush.

August new car sales

Have you bought a new car in August?

However, motor dealers still have targets to make in August, and this can mean you can bag a real bargain if you are not too bothered about having a new registration plate. It has to be said though that most consumers still preferred to wait until the new plates were out, and the number of new registrations are traditionally low.

August a good year in 2012?

However, has the trend changed in 2012. We are finding reports from car dealers and gap insurance brokers, that they are achieving sales figures on new cars not seen for many years? Are consumers becoming less interested in new registration plates, as there is no doubt they are less distinctive than in years gone by?

Whatever the reason, the car dealers are bound to welcome the trend, as long as it does not diminish their September expectations I am sure!


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