Who does not love the look and style of an Audi? You would be hard pushed to find an Audi owner who is not totally satisfied with their vehicle. The build quality is renown, and the high quality brand association means that an Audi give instant credibility to anyone who owns one.

Of course the desirability of an Audi can also be a downfall also, in the respect that an Audi may be targets for theft. Unfortunately it is a sad fact that even with improved security systems, prestige vehicles like Audi are highlighted by professional gangs and are stolen, often with the use of the vehicle keys.

Audi’s are also as likely as any other vehicle to be involved in a road traffic accident. Of course the vaunted Audi vehicle safety measures mean that the driver, passengers and even pedestrians are protected as well as possible. However, if enough damage is sustained then the vehicle may be subject to being ‘written off’ by an insurer.

This is why it may be prudent to consider a suitable Gap Insurance product for your Audi. This could be in the form of one of a range of Gap Insurance types, and you could purchase these from your Audi dealer, however if you hop around on the internet then your could find cover at a much more reasonable price from a Gap Insurance specialist.

audi models

Luxury models are found in the Audi line up

So why is there so much affection and desire for the Audi brand. The models proves popular as private purchases, as well as for business vehicles on a form of lease.Why? Perhaps a dip into the history of the brand may go some way to explain the world fascination with the German marque.

Audi AG is a German auto mobile manufacturer, currently owned by the Volkswagen group, Germany’s largest automaker.

The history of the company dates back to August Horch who founded Horch & Co in 1899. The success of this company was limited which forced Horch to leave and find the Audi Company. The Audi name originates from the name, Horch translates to ‘Audi’ in Latin. To the interest of many, Audi actually was the first German auto maker to manufacturer left handed drive cars which was argued to give the driver a better view of oncoming traffic. Left handed driving eventually became established throughout Germany by the end of the 1920’s. However as the result of financial difficulties result post First World War, Mr Horch again left the company in 1920.

In 1932, the company decided to merge with its fellow German auto makers DKW, Horch, Wanderer and founded the Auto Union in 1932, hence the company’s famous four ringed logo. Auto Union was able to serve all auto mobile markets from motorcycles to luxury saloon car. Auto Union was the first auto maker in the world to carry out crash and roll over tests. Auto Union played an influential role during the German effort in the Second World War, however was subject to harsh western reparations which led to the dismantling of the company in 1948.


The Audi brand renown the world over

In 1949, Auto Union GmbH was established reviving some but not all of the previous Auto Union. Daimler-Benz took over the majority of the company in 1958 and then Volkswagen took over in in 1964 with a 50% stake. The company then merged with NSU in 1969, another fellow German auto maker. Audi had by now became separate from the other three brands and Volkswagen developed Audi to become the successful brand it is known as today.  The first Audi was the 100 model in 1968, then the 80/Fox model in 1972 and then the 50 in 1974. The famous Quattro model was introduced in 1980, the first German large scale production vehicle.

By 1985, the remaining Auto Union and NSU brands had gone bust and Audi was officially changed to Audi AG.

The current Audi product portfolio includes the A series, ranging from 1-8, the G series, ranging from 3-7, the TT, R8 and RS.


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