With a dozen years experience in the motor trade showrooms of the North West (only a couple I hasten to add), I am often asked my opinion regarding buying a car. As I no longer have to pay my mortgage through hitting a vehicle sales target every month, perhaps I can view things with a little more perspective these days.

I was recently asked a simple question regarding the timing of buying a car, and specifically about looking to buy one at this time of year.

Is Christmas a good time to buy a new car? In my view there are few better times to get a bargain!

Why is this? Well first of all car showrooms are pretty much deserted at Christmas, as most consumers have other things on their agenda.This means that you are likely to be able to attract the attention of any salesman and sales manager as they cannot simply move on to an ‘easy deal’ who has just walked in the showroom.

Drive a Christmas bargain!

Car dealers still have targets to hit, granted they are lower targets than at other times of the year, Yet it is still the case that hitting a new car sales target can mean a difference of thousands of pounds to a motor dealer.

It is the end of quarter four of the year. Many dealers have quarterly targets to hit also, and this can mean a major financial incentive for the showroom staff.

It is the end of the year, again a yearly target may still be on the line for the dealer. There could also be accounting pressures that may encourage dealers to have new car stock down to a minimum on their books.

car dealers

Can you get a new car bargain at Christmas?

How do you know if you are getting a good deal?

Do your homework before you go and keep asking for more! If you ask for a bigger discount than you assumed possible, and ask for a bigger part exchange allowance than you wanted also……………remember they can only say no, and they will!

However, by setting the goalposts much closer to your requirements then you are much more likely to get a deal your want. They will no doubt come back with a deal higher than you were asking for, but hopefully equivalent to what you would expect.

Remember, if you ask for more then the worst they can say is no, and when they will not budge then you know you have got yourself a good deal!

Do not get caught up in the festive cheer when negotiating!

One more really important point too, after driving your bargain deal you could be in the firing line for some bargain ‘add on’ products like Gap Insurance and Tyre Insurance. This may be the time that the dealer tries to claw back some of the lost profit from the deal they have just agreed to. Just remember you can buy these items independently, many times with a better level of cover AND much cheaper.

Do not give the dealer back what you have battled so hard to get!

Christmas is not just for children, its for beating up car sales people (metaphorically of course) for the new car deal of the year!





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