The countdown is well and truly on for the first ‘new reg day’ of the year. It is not just the Welsh who look forward to March 1st, but car sales people across the land (Perhaps St David should be the patron saint of motor dealers?). This year is a little different though, as new car buyers are left with a choice of either a 13 plate, or if they are superstitious, then the option of the current 62 plate. No doubt this is causing no end of grief in the motor dealers up an down the land, in particular the sales admin team!

However there will also be a degree of excitement building with the new car buyers also. Orders for a March delivery (particularly for 1st March) may have been taken quite some time ago. For those eager beavers the wait is nearly over.

Of course there may still be a number of choices and aspects still to be made. This could include which motor insurer to go with, what dealer accessories to buy and indeed our favorite subject……….whether to take Gap Insurance or not.

new 13 plate car

New 13 plate this March?

Despite what some motor dealers may intimate, Gap Insurance is not a compulsory insurance to take. Right through the history of Gap Insurance protection motor dealers have promoted the cover quite vigorously. However, it must be stressed that you do not have to take out Gap Insurance if you do not want to. Even if you do then you certainly do not have to get any form of Shortfall Insurance from them.

As always, we advocate you do your research on whatever you decide to purchase with your new 13 plate car. Emotions can run away with you, and in many ways this is how sales people sell many of these items to you. They may be very good in their nature, but motor dealers are traditionally very expensive places to shop for insurance add on products.

Whatever you decide to to, please enjoy your lovely new car!


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