If you were to ask any provider who offer products aimed at new car buyers when they expect to be busy, most will tell you the month of March! Independent Gap Insurance companies will have seen a steady build up to the introduction of the  new 13 plate vehicles, but from the last week in February they will have gone into overdrive.

Gap Insurance in March 2013

New car customers will gather personal insurance quotes for many weeks before opting for a particular finance protection product, and the same is the case for Gap Insurance. Just the same as with any type of vehicle insurance, the Gap Insurance providers will see a natural high around the 1st March each year.

One of the biggest independent Gap Insurance providers in the UK is Aequitas Automotive Ltd. This company owns and operates both the Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 brands, which were both featured in the Which Report over 12 months ago. As they are the only company with two leading brands we thought it fair to assume that they would be busier than most.

Busy time at Aequitas Automotive

Company Director Mark Griffiths, is a regular contributor to GapInsuranceTV, and he explained just how the new 13 plate has seen the sales team with some late finishes in the last week.

“The build up to March 1st this year has seen an increase in website traffic, and calls into our team, as you would expect. Our websites are designed to provide a huge stock of information, as well as being very easy to set up policy cover online. This makes sense as this leaves our freephone lines open for only customers who need us.

Gap Insurance online

What time do Gap Insurance companies go to bed?

We find that around 80% of our sales are completed online, which is up from around 50% a year ago.

However, such has been the increase in calls to our Customer Service Team, that we have seen a few late nights in the last week. Our standard closing time of 7pm is something we provide 52 weeks of the year, and this is much later than most other providers out there. In the last 12 months we have doubled our call centre staff also, but even with ‘all hands on deck’ we have seen a queue of people on our lines fairly constantly.

Our telephone system is freephone, so if someone wants to hold they can do for as long as they like, free of charge. We also provide a callback service, if someone wants to leave us a message.

We always endevour to call back customers as quick as possible, even if that means a late night finish. We closed past 9pm on more than one occasion since March 1st, such have been the volume of calls.

I am sure we are not the only provider out there who has been burning the midnight oil, but as always we are happy to do so to deliver the very best service for our GAP Insurance customers.

As for the staff at Aequitas, they can enjoy their holidays later in the year!”

Aequitas Automotive free phone lines are open on 0800 195 4926, Monday to Friday 9a, until 7pm, and Saturday 10am until 4pm.

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