Although the Christmas decorations and New Year champagne corks have only just been put away, the ‘Christmas time’ for motor dealers is fast approaching. March 1st will see the first 14 plate registrations leave the car showrooms in the UK. The biannual event of the new car registrations naturally provide a peak in business for the motor trade.

new 14 plate

The success of the retail motor industry during the dark years of the financial downturn was almost a constant source of positive news for the UK economy. Indeed the new vehicle registrations in 2013 were the best figures seen since the heady days of 2007.

A mixture of strong manufacturers prices, attractive models and a range of low rate finance deals have all provided the incentive for consumers to take the plunge on a new vehicle in the car showrooms. Strong residual prices on used vehicles has also aided the buying process on new cars, as a good part exchange allowance can be a crucial element in buying a new vehicle.

New 14 Plate cars due soon

However, there is little doubt that the car buying process has become more and more sophisticated over the last decade also. The  options for finance are now vast, and many new manufacturers to the mainstream market now compete for your business. For example you may not have expected to see BMW with two of the best selling models in the UK in years gone by, whilst retaining a large part of the prestige market that they clearly have always played a huge part. Similarly Nissan have provided one of the biggest success stories in the last five years with the Qashqai model.

The days of Ford and Vauxhall providing all the best sellers has long since gone (they still provide the top 4 it must be said!)

Gap Insurance TV will help you buy your new 14 reg car

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you some information, tips and pointers on how to get the very best possible deal on your new 14 plate car. From negotiation to finance options, test drives to additional products (like Gap Insurance of course), we will share our teams experience and opinions on various aspects of the car buying process. Hopefully some of it will enable you to save some money too!


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