First question you may ask about car gap insurance, What is RTI Gap Insurance, how does it work? Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is a very popular type of Gap Insurance in the UK today. Return to Invoice Gap has been carefully developed to ensure the maximum cover, with some brilliant and unique features. Firstly, however, what exactly is RTI Gap Insurance?

What is RTI Gap Insurance?

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance pays the difference between the Vehicle ‘Market Value’ at the point of ‘total loss’ ,and the original invoice price you paid. There are other questions you can ask?
•is the RTI Gap Insurance Combined cover? – if you owe more than the original invoice price on the finance settlement, it will pay to clear the finance for you
•How long can you take the cover for? You can get up to 5 year cover in the UK today.
•Transferable RTI Gap Insurance policy? – you can transfer cover to another vehicle within your chosen period of cover.
•RTI Gap Insurance that you can defer the start date, if you have replacement vehicle cover on your own insurance for a set period.

RTI Gap Insurance

There is quite an array of RTI Gap Insurance in the UK, picking the right one for you can be a little coinfusing!

•No Restrictions or Limits on Purchase Price – Whatever price you pay, will be covered, even if this is in excess of the Glass’ Guide Retail value
•£250 towards your own motor insurance excess? – If the vehicle is written off, there is no excess on our policy to be deducted, you can cover the first £250 of your own vehicle insurance excess!
•RTI Gap Insurance cover for Cars, LCV’s, Motorhome’s, Motorbike’s, Private Hire Taxi’s and Hackney’s in the UK.
•When will your insurers pay out? Look for a RTI Gap Insurance with a clear commitment to settle your claim within 14 days of your motor insurers settlement

•RTI Gap that covers All Factory Fitted Options

•RTI Gap that includes cover for up to £1,500 of dealer fitted accessories

•RTI Gap that covers paint & upholstery protection, insurance premiums and non transferable warranty charges

•RTI Gap that covers theft with keys, a popular cause of ‘total loss’ claims in the UK

•RTI Gap can be bought up to 180 days after vehicle purchase from your dealer

•RTI Gap that covers all named drivers – even those on Provisional Licence

•RTI Gap Insurance that transfers to next of kin in the event if death

RTI Gap Insurance features and benefits

These are all major benefits you can find with Return to Invoice cover in the UK today. If you shop around you can easily find a quality RTI Gap Insurance policy to match these features.

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