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Our humble website will look to provide you with all the information possible regarding Gap Insurance in the UK. We shall look at the different types and Shortfall Gap Insurance information, as well as the types of vehicles you can take it for. Also, and importantly, we will show you where you can buy it from to save yourself your hard earned money!

So What is Gap Insurance?

Gap Insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection to give it its full title, is a supplementary type of insurance for your motor vehicle. It can provide financial protection in the event your vehicle becomes a ‘write off’. This can be by an accident or if the vehicle is stolen.

If this situation happened, your own motor insurance, even if it is ‘fully comprehensive’, may only pay you the ‘market value’ of the vehicle at the time. This may be thousands short of the original invoice price you paid, the cost of having to replace the vehicle, or even the finance settlement figure you may have to pay.

This is where Gap Insurance can step in. Your Gap policy, depending on the type of cover you have taken, can cover the ‘shortfall’ between your insurers payout and any of the figures outlined above.

Types of Gap Insurance

There are several basic types of Gap Insurance available, and you can find lots of information on each on GapInsuranceTV. Finance Gap Insurance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance is probably the most basic type of Gap cover in the UK today. This simply covers the difference between your vehicle market value and the outstanding finance settlement figure on your agreement. For Contract Hire Gap Insurance, this could mean outstanding rentals.

Return to Invoice, or RTI Gap Insurance can cover between the vehicle market value and the original invoice price you paid. This means that you can protect yourself to your original investment, whether you have paid cash or have a finance agreement on the vehicle.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance, or VRI Gap Insurance is possibly the most comprehensive level of Gap cover available. It will cover between the vehicle market value and the cost of replacing the vehicle with the equivalent model. So if you buy a brand new Ford Focus in 2011, and it is written off in 2014, then VRI Gap Insurance can return you to the cost of replacing the vehicle in 2014. This means if the cost of replacing the vehicle goes up, your VRI Gap Insurance policy can cover this for you.

We will also bring you news on all the vehicle types you can get this type of cover for. Whether you have a car, van, motorcycle, motor home, driving school vehicle or a taxi, you can find Gap cover to protect you today.

So welcome to our site, we hope you find our information useful, as well as our current Price Comparison page, bringing you the latest Gap Insurance premium prices from the leading online brokers. We can help you buy gap insurance for the best price for the best cover.

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